Seeking a deep and thorough understanding of consumer needs, joys, hassles and trends

Using curiosity, keen intuition and sense-making to apply insights to business decisions


Generating and optimizing new products that drive business growth

Managing the innovation process

Enabling people and teams to reach new insights-based solutions

A boutique consulting firm

Custom-designed programs, every time

Creative and dynamic

Nimble and flexible

New product specialty

Front End

Idea/Product Development


We deliver fresh, purposeful new product/program ideas

Programs that deliver enduring consumer/customer insights and realities

Our philosophies, tools and techniques center on three pillars:


We combine them to achieve different business purposes, focusing on what you need to achieve.


Shape opportunities; connect them to your categories and products; create a market


Expand into new consumer segments; introduce new benefits; create a stronger connection


Protect category leadership; enter new-to-company/new-to-brand spaces; maximize new technologies and capabilities


Build and balance your pipeline; drive growth through non-product innovation; inform message platforms; extend product profiles

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